Considering The Important Tips On American Friends Berlin Staatsoper

By Joseph Anderson

Berlin Staatsoper or the Staatsoper Unter den Linden is an opera house which is acclaimed internationally and was built in the year 1741. One of the most known performance in the year 1742 is the Cesare e Cleopatra which is performed even when the opera house is not yet completed. Since on that very first performance, there are already a lot of opera stars who have performed in the place. This is considered to be the oldest state opera in the world.

The majestic theater was built with the concept or style of a Prussian classicist and its interior design is having the concept of decadent Rococo. A lot of audiences from different parts of the world have been coming to be able to see the operas. The operas in American Friends Berlin Staatsoper would range from Baroque periods up to the contemporary works.

Just like the other past opera houses, was also burned down with fire. But this was reconstructed and this was reopened during the year 1844. Unfortunately, this was being destroyed again because of the bombings in World War II. In Cold War period, was again rebuilt. Berlin Staatsoper was then reconstructed but the repertoires were being reduced. But the romantic and the classical ballets and operas and as well as modern musicals still were being performed.

So here are some simple tips from which you can refer on if ever you have decided to this particular place. First, before all performances are going to start, you may spend your time in looking around the Babel Platz which is referred to as a public square. The ground is made from glass and the bottom of glass are series of many empty bookshelves. These are referred as the remembrance of the Nazi Book Burnings.

Second is the audiences will be served with some snacks before the start of shows. These foods would include some delicious canapes and pretzels and also some refreshing drinks. Proper meals are also made available in the Borchardt which is located very near to the theater. Borchardt is one of the popular restaurants serving traditional cuisines.

Third, to become a member will offer you some special access into a lot of beautiful and exclusive benefits. You may have your subscription through online. Your subscription can be an advantage for you on receiving updates about the latest and special productions and events.

And fourth is the travel tips. For people who will be traveling via the subway, you can just stop at the station of Unter den Linden since the opera house is just a walking distance from there. And also, in going home, there are a lot of cabs which are lining up just near that theater. This is to give the people comfort in leaving the theater during the night.

Tickets for the opera are very affordable. Aside from the Staatsoper, other two operas are the Deutsche Oper and the Komische Oper. The division of these three operas happened because each of the side has fostered its own venues performances of arts and it resulted to having three operas which are sponsored by the state.

One good benefit of this affordable tickets for students and senior citizens is they are 25 to 50 percent off for the seats. Prices for regular people will vary on different seat locations. There are some operas that provide individual subtitles, and thus, keeping the story lines.

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